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After many Veteran’s feel the VA has let them down with medications not working and psychiatric interventions not being beneficial, they often seek out Ibogaine Plant Medicine Therapy to work through their Trauma.  There are different support groups that aid in funding to raise money for Veterans to have plant medicine treatments. 


When people experience Trauma, whether it be in the Civilian World or the Military World, Ibogaine helps both types of Trauma, as it rewires the Nervous System’s habituated neurological pathways. Science based data and Organizations such as (GITA) Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance and (MAPS) Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies support worldly ongoing research of Ibogaine’s positive results on all the aforementioned medical and psychiatric conditions. Research supports the use of Psychological Therapy to enhance results.  It has also been found that 5MEO-DMT works synergistically very well with Ibogaine in terms of boosting efficacy to an enhanced level .. . . as if that could be possible?


As you may know, Ibogaine converts to Noribogaine and is stored in your

adipocytes or fat cells, releasing into the body, slowly like an air-freshener

of a house, for 10 weeks. This duration of ibogaine in the body not only eliminates PAWS, but it keeps the secondary withdrawal symptoms of opiates and heroin ‘at bay,’ and contributes to decreasing drug cravings.


Dependent upon the condition for which you are seeking Ibogaine Treatment, a Medical Chelation IV and/or an Intense Vitamin Infusion IV may be required prior to treatment. These IVs sometimes expedite the Ibogaine Treatment Process.

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