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Our Opiate Detox center can help you overcome a painful addiction

Opiates are among the most addictive substances with millions of prescriptions written every year. People develop an addiction just on their prescribed dosage and this starts developing into a dangerous habit.

At Ibogaine Detox Rehab, we prioritize you and your wellbeing. We want you to be able to live a quality life with no addictions – and we want to help you. Our team of addiction specialists will help you in opiate rehab with an effective treatment method with proven results.

What is opiate addiction?

Opiates are prescription substances derived from opium, a chemical that occurs naturally in poppy seeds. This ingredient is used to relieve mild to severe pain in patients in the form of painkillers. But sometimes, people find that they’re becoming addicted to the calming effects of opioids and start abusing them – it was estimated that 259 million painkiller prescriptions were written in 2012 of which 2 million people later developed an addiction.

How does an opiate addiction happen?

Addiction to opiates in painkillers happens when a person is prescribed a certain dosage of the painkiller after an injury. Patients usually have no intention of abusing the medication, but they find that with time, the particular dosage of the drug prescribed is not as effective as it was in the beginning. This is because of an increased tolerance to the painkiller, caused by a buildup of the substance in the body.

This tolerance can cause the person to take a larger dose than prescribed in order to achieve the same calming effect. Slowly, this builds up into a physical adduction and the user wants to use the drug to feel calm and normal. This kind of craving leads to drug abuse and many other negative consequences such as physical and psychological health impairment.

An addiction is not just a strong desire to use a substance – it’s a neurological disorder which makes the user unable to quit even if they want to do so.

You can break free from addiction in a week!

With our scientifically proven and highly effective Ibogaine treatment, we can help you overcome your addiction with our 7-day treatment. It will naturally reverse the neurological pathways in your brain associated with drug abuse and addiction and you’ll be able to return to a healthier, happier life in no time!

If you’re looking for opiate addiction treatment centers, you’ve come to the right place. Book an appointment with us today!