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A Revolutionary Approach to Addiction


Heroin Addiction

If you’re looking for a heroin addiction treatment center, you’ve come to the right place. Heroin abuse is a very common type of drug abuse and if you or someone you know is suffering from such an addiction, we can help you get your life back on track with our quick and highly effective treatment.

Opiate Detox

Opiates are among the most addictive substances with millions of prescriptions written every year. People develop an addiction just on their prescribed dosage and this starts developing into a dangerous habit.

Depression & Trauma

Because Ibogaine rewires patterns of the brain and the nervous system (CNS, PNS, ENS, ANS: Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System, Enteric Nervous System and Autonomic Nervous System), and gives the overall nervous system a “shock,” it allows for the mind and body to interpret and respond differently to internal and external stimuli.


Ibogaine is known as an “Addiction Interrupter.” It shocks the nervous system. As mentioned above, it gives the hallucinogenic ability to view yourself with respect to you and your drug use differently.  It gives the hallucinogenic ability to view relationships differently and sometimes changes perspectives on past events.


Ibogaine is amazing for Psychospirutual expansion purposes as well for those who are feeling stuck in life and/or want to find out answers to unresolved questions, possibly connect with those on the other side, get closure to events that have happened in the past and create the path you want Ibogaine to show you for your future.

Ibogaine & Microdosing

Ibogaine and microdosing is becoming more and more popular as some people do not want to experience the psychedelic effects of Ibogaine, nor the intensity of a Flood Dose experience.  A Microdosing Program is a 21 Day Plan with 5 days at our facility including arrival and departure.