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What can our 7 & 15 days of Ibogaine therapy do for you?

With our highly effective 7 & 15 day Ibogaine treatment for addiction, we can reverse your addiction within days and get your life back on track – without any withdrawal symptoms – using Ibogaine heroin treatment or Ibogaine treatment for any other drug.

What is Ibogaine?

So if you’ve been looking for Ibogaine treatment clinics, we have the solution for you right here. Ibogaine is a naturally-occurring psychedelic substance found in iboga bark, a shrub found in Africa. It’s historically been used in healing and initiation ceremonies in the Bwiti religion but the world has found a much more innovative and important use for it.

How is Ibogaine used in treatment?

Ibogaine acts as a mild stimulant in small doses but can cause serious psychedelia when administered in large doses. A large number of clinical trials have found that Ibogaine reduces opiate and heroin withdrawal symptoms and helps with eliminating substance abuse habits and cravings.

While conventional rehab procedures used for addiction involve series of sessions of Detox, behavioral counseling, and medication, Ibogaine treatment involves administering calculated amounts of Ibogaine which sends you into a psychedelic phase and rewires your brain in such a way that you overcome your cravings and addiction – and all by a naturally-occurring herb!

Our treatment can turn your life around.

You no longer have to deal with long sessions of therapy and withdrawal symptoms to overcome your addiction. Now with a powerful treatment option like Ibogaine on the horizon,
you can turn over a new leaf within a week and live a normal life without any drug abuse habits – happy relationships, zero cravings, healthy mind and body, and greater focus on work.

Is this treatment safe?

It was once believed that Ibogaine could send people into a wild, uncontrollable psychedelic phase which could have negative effects on their bodies such as seizures, gastrointestinal issues, and heart complications. But further clinical trials over the years have proved that this method is safe and very effective when administered in a controlled environment and with calculated doses of the drug.

Our treatment is undertaken under the careful supervision of doctors, drug abuse and addiction specialists, and psychiatrists – your wellbeing is our priority.

If you’re looking for Ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico, you can check in with us for a consultation about your addiction habits.

What steps can I now take to overcome my addiction?

We know that addiction has not been easy on you. Your health, relationships, employment status, and mental wellbeing may all have suffered because of a habit that seems to have sucked you into a vicious cycle.

Complete treatment may seem like a far-off and impossible dream – but it’s not! With our carefully controlled and approved Ibogaine treatment, you can now improve the quality of your life. Your doctor will help you with a plan to overcome addiction and you will be able to see 100% results.