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Ibogaine for Depression & Ibogaine for Trauma

Because Ibogaine rewires patterns of the brain and the nervous system (CNS, PNS, ENS, ANS: Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System, Enteric Nervous System and Autonomic Nervous System), and gives the overall nervous system a “shock,” it allows for the mind and body to interpret and respond differently to internal and external stimuli. Imagine a neurological map (not the specific events or feelings) for Depression and Trauma and all the associated landminds and triggers on one transparency.

Now imagine your mind and body’s transparency having an opportunity, on a second transparency, to create an entirely different map – a map of freedom in the Civilian world where Trauma wounds of past are still there, but you have a different relationship and mindset to them. You have different and beneficial visceral responses to the same stimuli that would have previously caused you adverse reactions due to Trauma. With Ibogaine’s medicinal, therapeutic and innate psychedelic properties of the plant medicine, one gains aerial perspective and shifts occur with respect to Trauma. While Therapeutic support is very helpful, the unique aspect about Plant Medicine Ibogaine is that it brings you where you need to go as if you are leading yourself. The Integration Specialist isn’t asking directive questions or focusing on certain topics which may or may not be helpful. Ibogaine plant medicine, connected to a circuit of people, connected to the earth, connected to Universal Source helps transcend human pain resulting in Trauma and Depression.

(Please talk with us regarding what drugs are permissible to use with Ibogaine and which ones are not whether they be prescribed or recreational).