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Some people may need a second dose of Ibogaine 10 weeks later

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Some people may need a second dose of Ibogaine 10 weeks later

Many addicts think that “more is better.” However, when it comes to ibogaine, this is not the case. The average amount of ibogaine given to any individual is based on mg/Kg of body weight. That said 15-20mg of Ibogaine per Kg of bodyweight is the average that is given because anymore than that is not proven to be effective in terms of cessating withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, any higher amounts are dangerous to the body and possible fatality. The mg given is based on condition for which ibogaine is pursued. In the examples of heroin and opiate addiction, the upwards of 20mg/Kg of body weight is shown to be effective in terms of eliminating withdrawals.

OK so here is the real deal. While it is rare, GITA references that there are some people who may experience withdrawal symptoms toward the end of the first flood dose of Ibogaine. Please put money aside in this situation. Think of all the money you spend on your addiction. You may be one of those unique individuals who need a second dose of Ibogaine one week to follow your flood dose. Don’t fret. You are not the only one. You might be a rapid processor of CYP2D6 otherwise known as Cytochrome P450. It is located on Chromosome 22. Being a rapid metaboliser means that your liver processes 25% of SSRI drugs more rapidly than others and this may be true of Ibogaine as well. Your insurance will cover testing of what type of processor you are.

Ibogaine is practically like the miracle drug to opiate addiction. When genetics come into play, it is important to listen to your body and “top off the cells” with ibogaine again during week 2. If your body were like a car, it would be the equivalent of a Mustang, Corvette Stingray, or Camaro Supersport or a gas guzzling car, meaning that it runs through SSRIs and ibogaine quickly.

If you feel the sensation of ibogaine wearing off quickly as it SHOULD LAST 10 WEEKS, boosters are available to follow where you take about 250mg in the morning to top off your cells or your gas can of your body. That said, for some really rapid processors, as mentioned, another flood dose is needed. Please be open minded and work with your body and your needs and be honest so that you can really be sober.

(There are 3 types of drug processors, Rapid, Ultra rapid, Slow).

To repeat! one flood dose is what it is because of research and benefits on the body. Addicts usually always want more!!!! In this case, more at once is not better! Your body could not absorb it. No matter what – you are not an 18 wheeler. You would overflow yourself with Ibogaine and it’s efficacy would not fill your tank for any more distance. Ok ……”keep on truckin”


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