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Major Changes

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Major Changes

When anyone goes through a major change, getting grounded is important. Letting go of addiction is considered a major change. Being addicted is like a full time job. Whether somebody is in the throws of heroin addiction, popping pills or using alcohol to cope with life difficulties, the addiction is actually like a full time job. It not only takes up lots of mental time and anguish, it also takes up a lot of physical energy and routine as well. During this time of letting go of addiction, it is important to find a new routine and to find things to fill time in new ways.

It is for this very reason at Recovery Clinic Tijuana, there are a lot of things to do that are self paced in which to fill time. There are also group based activities as well depending upon numbers of people at any given time. We tailor to individualized needs but sometimes we have 2-3 clients at one time. There is much literature to read that is not only 12 step recovery based and 12 tradition recovery based, but there are many eclectic books as well. You may pick and choose what you want to read. It is also advocated that you listen to podcasts, whether they be on YouTube or Audible. You may pick up the computer and listen to many amazing peaceful and mind transformational segments on hypnosis, whether they be inspirational or for relaxation.


Finding ways to fill time and have “one-ness” with time and being in the now, and “being ok with being in the now” is important. Even just being able to go on mindful walks is a task that many people are not able to often do. There seems to often be this rush of “getting back into the grind” of life, of work, of being on the go. People want to get back to their lives and to their routines, which were actually not serving them so well in the first place.

It is so recommended that individuals take longer than a week to stay at Recovery Clinic Tijuana so that they take time for themselves to reflect on life, to take the time to really just be at peace with being, with breathing, with being ok with themselves so that when they do return to life, they have had the time and space away from their habits, so that then, and only then, they will truly be ok without their drug of choice, and they can be ok being free of the habit. We welcome you and wish you the best to be grounded through the major change you are facing.


Grab a book or two, open, read and enjoy, escape and go new places, journey to the beyond so that when you return, you return with “a new found happiness!” We are not only a drug and alcohol treatment center, we offer ibogaine detox and ibogaine treatment administered by a medical team as well. Call Lily or Carlos for questions at:

619 713 4912 or +52 664 5174099

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