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Opiate Addiction Clinic Mexico, Ibogaine Recovery and Last Minute Binge

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Opiate Addiction Clinic Mexico, Ibogaine Recovery and Last Minute Binge

It is important to know that often, people go on last minute major binges just minutes and days before attending recovery clinics. I don’t know why this is a common occurrence or what this is about? But it can often, not only be very dangerous but it can also delay an ibogaine treatment. People who are addicted to alcohol for example, may go on a binge, not only of their drug of choice – alcohol, but on a hodge podge medley of sorts.

They may include on their binge, numerous drugs including but not limited to cocaine, heroin, pills laced with fentanyl (unbeknownst to them), uppers such as adderall or methamphetamine, downers such as xanax or clonopin. These behaviors are not uncommon for addicts to engage in right before attempting to get clean. This is a slippery time for addicts. It is important for the addict as well as his/her family members to know this as it can be avoided. Extra monitoring might be in order! If one is seeking out an ibogaine treatment, these binge behaviors can delay treatment up to 10 days as people don’t pay attention to what they are putting into their system. If long acting opiates accidentally get into one’s system, ibogaine treatment must be postponed. The ibogaine process can be slightly expedited or sped up with vitamin infusions administered by the doctor as well as heavy metal detoxes.

Opiate Addiction Clinic Mexico, Ibogaine Recovery and Last Minute Binges

Still, if this information known as “hodge podge binging” is known ahead of time, it can be avoided. If one accidentally shows up with meth or cocaine in his/her system, ibogaine treatment must be delayed 5 days as the combination of either of these drugs and ibogaine is strenuous on the cardiac system and should be avoided to ensure safety of the client. It is medically advised if not required to have a vitamin infusion and/or heavy metal detox prior to an ibogaine treatment. Each clinic has slightly different protocol. If you are seeking ibogaine treatment, it is important to take extreme precautions to maximize safety. Make sure your MDs treat you with the utmost care and follow GITA protocols and go beyond! Experience is of utmost importance. I attended the Vienna conference in Austria in 2017. It was amazing and educationally transformational. Many leading experts were either there or participated remotely including Bruno Chavez from Brazil! For more information, contact:

Lily or Carlos at: 619 713 4912 +526645174099. Stay well. Visit

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