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Don’t let Addiction Throw You Over the Edge

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Don’t let Addiction Throw You Over the Edge

When in the throws of addiction, it may seem like there is no way out. Light of life may not be shining on your path, but it doesn’t mean that it has been extinguished. There is always hope. The thing that is neat about our recovery program is that it is eclectic. People from different walks of life end up visiting with us for different purposes. Yes we offer 12 steps of recovery. Yes we offer 12 traditions. At the same time, you may be open to Plant Medicine Recovery including Ibogaine, 5MEO-DMT and possibly Ayahuasca.

You may not embark on trying it for yourself. You may be an observer to a friendly neighbor by your side who experiences his unique journey, yet it broadens your experience by observing his unique path. You may decide that it is for you as well. You may be next to someone who is seeking out refuge of safety from precarious life events that have ended him/her up in our safe haven. We welcome many people from all walks of life as our oasis provides a temporary home for those seeking out temporary housing that is safe and secure from life out in the real world when it gets too rough for people to handle for a temporary period of time – whether they are coming out of an abusive relationship with alcohol, drugs or even a safe haven from being in a domestically violent relationship with another person or simply a time-out from life such as needing space away from life having suffered through a gnarly custody battle or having gone through a tumultuous divorce.

Don't let Addiction Throw You Over the Edges

At our facility we provide space for people who have gone through the death of a person and/or a relationship and s/he is angry at the world and has diminished coping skills with respect to her typical life resources and coping skills. We offer the Big Book and the 12 Traditions as a framework of how to handle life. There are also skilled nurses and paramedics and also a gifted psychotherapist with listening ears so that individuals can talk to someone should they want to vent out various feelings and live a freer life so that when they return to their friends or families, they can return to life, functioning with more coping skills than when they arrived to the program.

Life coping skills and job placement opportunities with connections to the geographical location of client’s choice are also a possibility should a client want to explore these options. Watching shows as a “Temporary House Family” as we call ourselves on Netflix and Amazon are shared during some evening hours. An art space can be shared should clients want. Shared readings and candlelight relaxation audios are available as well.

We wish you a happy week to a month stay while you share your time and space with us at Recovery Clinic Tijuana. Reach out and touch base! 619 713 4912 +52 664 517 4099 Ask for Carlos or Lily.

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