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Alternative Cancer Treatment

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Alternative Cancer Treatment

In the past, I remember an individual who sought out Ibogaine as a cancer fighting agent. The individual was actually partnered up with a well known Oncologist. She believed that, while an untraditional belief, that Ibogaine had properties which were similar to other cancer fighting agents and that it would cure her cancer. She used it in a microdosing form over the course of a two week duration. It proved to be successful for quite sometime for her. I don’t know what the longitudinal outcome was for her particular case, but I share with you this out of the box story because there is always hope for those of you who might have been given devastating news.

There are always other possible solutions to what might be otherwise end of the road outcomes. Don’t let other people’s words get your hopes down. The power of the mind is SO EXCEPTIONALLY POWERFUL! Be your own best advocate. We are here to support your journey. We are here to make miracles happen. We are here to love and nurture you to extend your lifeline with joy and happiness so that you can feel alive and happiness again even in what seem to be your last moments, in your depths of despair.

Alternative Cancer Treatment
Self exploration, even when it feels like everyone is against you – you are your best advocate of self and so are we, and we are here to help you do that. Together, we can help you stay more than afloat – we are here to pull you out of the riptide and gain traction ashore so that you can regain a grip on your solid land of life.

Reach your hand out and call us – we are only 20 minutes from the border and we offer a calm and peaceful place with LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE AND PROFESSIONALISM. 619 713 4912. ASK FOR LILY or Carlos +52 664 517 4099

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