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Addiction Recovery Clinic and Ibogaine

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Addiction Recovery Clinic and Ibogaine

Are you stuck in the throws of addiction and you just cannot stop the vicious cycle? Get help today!

Ibogaine works for heroin addicts and opiate addicts both of short term opiates and long term opiates. It cuts outs Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms by 80%-90%. It helps alcoholics who struggle with relapse. It helps assuage alcohol dependency and alcoholism by rewiring the brain’s neuro-circuitry patterns

Ibogaine is known as the addiction interruptor. Stop throwing your money away on your addiction, put it toward your cure. Get ready to start living a new life. Ibogaine is even good for gambling and eating disorders. It gives your nervous system a reset. It is like a contemporary version of electric shock therapy without the electric shock. Ibogaine is taken in pill form and supervised by medical personnel and it rewires your nervous system of mind and body.


It is the modern way of giving your body a shock to the system that it needs in order to make change happen. Get unstuck from being stuck. It is a miracle in a capsule -directly from source – EARTH. Directly from the source – a plant medicine from Africa. The tribe it is associated with is the Bwiti Tribe from Gabon. Ibogaine has transcended Big Pharma and all of the tampering, additives and alterations. Use what tribal people of Gabon have used to cure a variety of ailments for years, in particular addiction and alcoholism! Don’t go over the edge! Grab on to Ibogaine – a plant medicine that has been rooted for years! Buy your life freedom with a decision that is priceless.

Call 619 713 4912 or +52 664 517 4099

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