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5MEO-DMT and Suppressed Feelings

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5MEO-DMT and Suppressed Feelings

5MEO-DMT, otherwise known as the God Molecule helps individuals to get in touch with their inner most feelings. While everyone has a unique experience, it is known to transcend years of therapies in just a few sessions. 5MEO-DMT gets to the core issues and allows for the unconscious to surface without probing and invasive questions, not that that is therapy’s intention, but often more so than not, therapists inadvertently end up becoming prurient into the psyche, by asking probing questions, often in directions that the client may not want to travel. It is not uncommon for a client with lots of trauma to leave a therapy office having felt somewhat violated in the sense that s/he reflects upon the session and realizes that s/he ended up talking about things that s/he would much rather have not spoken. Clients think to themselves, “now why did I end up talking about that? That wasn’t even on my mind? I didn’t want to go there?

It is for this very reason that therapeutic theories such as Francine Shapiro’s EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing for Trauma was designed as it minimizes talk and focuses on bilateral stimulation of the senses, and Peter Levine designed Somatic Experiencing as it is based on the body’s response to Trauma and eliminates much of the talk which can bring up much “land mine” reaction of body trauma. There is also another technique in therapy referred to as Eye Spotting to help reduce the amount of talk resulting in unnecessary tree branching of the therapist “leading questions” directing a client down pathways of talk that are unnecessary to the client. Now, all this stated, often times, the client doesn’t know about these different forms of therapy, and s/he will go unknowingly, to a therapy office and sit and talk with a traditional therapist, without further training and get stuck in trauma elicited therapy. This is a shame.


5MEO-DMT and Depression1

And that stated, having been trained in EMDR and having practiced similar versions of the other therapies, as well as having heard anecdotal stories of the other approaches, it is still not uncommon for clients to HAVE ABREACTIONS TO EVEN THE MOST SENSITIVE THERAPIES TO TRAUMA!! SO, I AM A STRONG ADVOCATE OF, 5MEO-DMT in that is an ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY GOOD TOOL for those individuals who have had ample trauma in their lives as it is so beneficial because it is a natural healing agent and a natural therapy guide in which no therapy talk is needed. 5MEO-DMT is a naturally occurring substance taken from a frog that when naturally extracted, does not hurt the animal and when administered by a caring, loving and skilled shaman, as mentioned above, transcends therapy and provides months of therapy, if not years in just a few sittings. You are invited to expand your body and mind and take years of healing in just a few sessions to release yourself from the binds of life such that you can rediscover love and life and freedom in a new found way and live your life to its fullest.

5MEO-DMT and Depression

Call Lily or Carlos at 619 713 4912 or +52 664 517 4099 for further questions. I am a Trauma Specialist and the amount of talk we do is so unique and at your own pace. That’s the best way I can describe it. You don’t have to be inundated with Trauma/trauma to experience the benefits of 5MEO-DMT. Call to see if we are a good fit. I know a Shaman in Mexico who practices the giving of 5MEO-DMT.

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